America is for everyone, including non-Americans

This, no doubt, is the land of opportunities. Yet, it is not only for those who live here but also for those who don’t live here.  This maybe one of a very few countries in the world that entitles foreigners to own a piece of land without living here. Not only that, as long as owners keep up with their due diligence on paying taxes and keeping up the property to the county code requirements, owners should never lose ownership of that piece of land or property.

The weak dollar and the price drop have been a big draw for foreign investors to put their money in real estate investments in the US. According to National Association of Realtor’s report, in the last 12 months ended in March 2012, there was $82.5 billion dollars of investment in the US residential real estate, and that is a growth of 24% over the last 12 months (  On the same note, this country still has one of the best education systems in the world.  Many international buyers send their kids to school here and purchase homes for that purpose.  2/3 of the buyers is using cash to purchase homes of a median price of $252,000.

The protection of private property rights in the US and the stability and security of the government and legal system create big attraction for foreigners to invest in the US.  Most foreigners have very little knowledge of real estate in the US.  The best recommendation is that foreigners should work with a Realtor who has been through the training to become a Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS).